FREE Men Don’t Ask Permission to Bear Arms

Happy Hump Day Everyone! Can someone please take these parts and install them on a kick ass gun? This giveaway will end at the end of July. So, that would be July 31. We will randomly pick a winner that has completed the following; like the AXC Tactical page, Comment on the post, and share this post with a couple of your fellow gun lovers.

High quality parts, at reasonable prices…that’s who we are !

Find all of our parts at

If you don’t want to wait, or find something else to order from our website, please use code GET15AXC to get 15% off the store. ATTN: We are also giving a 25% discount to the first person, and only one person, to use on our website for anything they want. For 25% you will have to use a special code at checkout. It is the name of the country where the first M16 was introduced during war. Once this code is used, it will not be valid. One word, no caps… GOOD LUCK everyone !


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